Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens

07.05.1878 Achim 22.08.1956 Nürtingen Maler, Grafiker, Entwerfer für angewandte Kunst

After completing his training as an illustrator in a silverware factory, Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens visited the Kunstgewerbeschule (“school of applied arts”)in Berlin. Subsequently, he specialized in modern commercial graphic arts. From 1903 to 1906 he taught at the Akademie für Graphische Künste (“academy for graphic arts”) in Leipzig. In the autumn of 1906 he was appointed to the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony. Here, Kleukens designed posters, invitations, menu cards and concert programs. From 1907 he taught “Flächenkunst” at the Großherzogliche Lehrateliers für angewandte Kunst (“grand ducal teaching workshops for the applied arts”). Together with his brother Christian Heinrich Kleukens, he took over the direction of the “Ernst Ludwig-Presse”(“Ernst Ludwig press”) in the same year, producing elaborately designed books. For the Artists’ Colony exhibition in 1914, he designed in addition to a furniture ensemble, mosaics and ornaments to embellish the Wedding Tower.